Our Commitment to Charitable Organizations

Bayer forges community partnerships with charitable organizations whose needs are among the greatest, and serve the community in areas such as health, wellness, science, innovation and education. Bayer's support includes financial contributions and people power.

Charitable Donations

If you are a registered Canadian charity and wish to submit a request for philanthropic support from Bayer. we invite you to complete an online application to provide us with details about your initiative. Prior to beginning the application, we strongly recommend that you please take a moment to review our guidelines.

Corporate Matching

Bayer welcomes requests from employees to help support the registered Canadian charity in which they invest their personal funds. We match employee contributions, dollar for dollar, up to $200 per year, for the charitable initiatives they support personally.

Product Donations

Product donations are a key component of our community outreach program. Each year, we donates thousands of dollars in pharmaceutical and consumer care products towards humanitarian and disaster relief efforts both in Canada and abroad.

To ensure these medicines are distributed in an impartial and efficient manner, Bayer works exclusively with Health Partners International of Canada, a charitable humanitarian organization that donates Canadian medicines, medical supplies and vaccines throughout the developing world. Health Partners International of Canada has safely and effectively distributed medical aid to more than 100 countries worldwide.